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If using millions or billions, use the total phrase not ‘m’ or ‘bn’ and do not compose out the total determine including all the zeros (‘8.

For huge figures, use commas (‘2,996’ not ‘2996’). Forward slashes (‘/’)Do not insert a place in advance of or after (‘Waterford / Dungarvan’ ought to be ‘Waterford/Dungarvan’). rn’Founded’No need to at any time use term ‘originally’ just before this. Group.

Lowercase if utilised in a general way or to describe component of one thing larger (‘project performing group’) but uppercase if element of the title of a important organisation (‘Kerry Group’). H.

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Words beginning with ‘h’ just take ‘a’ when the pressure is on the first syllable (‘a history’, ‘a hospital’) but ‘an’ when the worry is on the 2nd (‘an hotel’, ‘an historic occasion’). Hyphens. Include when two words and phrases are tied collectively to make an adjective (‘top-course accommodation’, ‘business-oriented technique). Also, a creating is three yrs old but it is a ‘three-calendar year-old building’. i.

e. Use whole stops for consistency. Italics.

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Avoid exactly where doable, as they are more challenging to examine on display.

Job titles. In most conditions the person’s title will acquire priority to their identify, so putting title to start with and then title is generally most correct (‘WIT Job Title Firstname Surname nowadays said’). Uppercase position titles ‘Chief Executive’ except if conversing about ‘chief executives’ in standard, which would be lowercased. Key. An overused term (‘this undertaking will be a crucial emphasis for 2018’). Attempt: ‘this project will be a target for 2018’.

Keywords. Less v fewer.

Use ‘fewer’ when referring to particular person merchandise grouped collectively (‘fewer events’), or else, use ‘less’ (‘less space’). Licence/license. The 1st is a noun (‘a licence’), the next is a verb (‘licensing the premises’). rn’Meet with’Just use ‘meet’. Identical applies to ‘sell off’ – just use ‘sell’. Minister. Uppercase for noun no matter if complete title or generic (‘The Minister for Training, ‘Government Ministers’) but not adjective ‘ministerial’. Money.

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Prof. No entire quit after. Identical goes for ‘St Stephen’s Green’ – no whole halt following ‘St’. Northern Ireland.

Write as prepared here. Numbers. Online. All one phrase. Identical goes for ‘website’. Over. Often utilized when ‘more than’ would be much better (‘more than sixty% of visitors’ not ‘over sixty% of visitors’). Per cent. Use symbol (‘1%’ ’15 to twenty %’). Or at minimum remain with the a single type whatever you opt for. Period of time. Just use ‘period’ or exchange with the genuine duration of time (‘several years’). Pluralisation. United States is a plural so ‘The United States are’. But most other entities – nations, organizations and so on – are singular, so deal with as these kinds of (‘the organisation was planning’ or ‘WIT is on hand to’). WIT is singular. President. Uppercase if referring to the President of a nation or else lowercase. Quotations. Use single quotation marks -In headlines, sub headings and photograph captions For a quotation in a quotation (The Main Government reported: «This is a big enhancement on what was explained in the report as ‘an inefficient system’.